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The Kent Association is a not for profit membership organisation serving member Parish and Town Councils and Parish Meetings (Local Councils) in Kent and Medway.  Our membership is currently 303 out of a total of 316.   Membership is open to all Local Councils in Kent and Medway for a subscription agreed at the Annual Meeting.  As the first tier of local government closed to their communities, Local Councils have a key role to play in shaping their localities with the Government's drive to devolve power and decision making to local people through the Localism Act 2011, the Cities and Local Government Devolution Act 2016 and changes in the Audit Framework, it is becoming increasingly important that Councillors and Clerks are better informed and are provided with the tools and knowledge to help them undertake their roles as efficiently and effectively as they can.  The Association and it's National Body (NALC) offers a range of services for our members including:


  • A comprehensive Learning and Development Programme for Councillors and Clerks
  • Advice on a wide range of issues, such as Legal (including Employment), Procedural, Financial, Capital Project and Technical.
  • Current Awareness through publications such as Parish News.
  • Good Councillor's Guides.
  • Representation and influence to Government, Local MPs, County and District/Borough Councils, Police and Community Consultative Groups and other organisations.
  • Identifying and sharing good practice.





Clerks Conference - Thursday 13th September 2018 (Ditton Community Centre)

Finance Conference - Thursday 18th October 2018 (Ditton Community Centre)


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KALC NEWS:  The latest edition of the KALC News - June 2018 is now available to view in the Members Only areaYou will need your username and password to access this. 
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